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Welcome to FairyTail. We are an alt guild running alt raids. Not much too it. everything here is upfront don't sign up if you can't show up raid leaders will have say on who they bring. they will make groups for success not by gearscore. simple and coordinated. we look forward to making lots of friends and getting our alts geared without all the nubness hassle. Keep an eye on the forums and News for more up to date info. Thanks, Tot~
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New site for class help and questions.

Totapo, May 20, 10 7:30 PM.
Welcome to the guild and the new site. The purpose here is to get alts raiding together without mains that have never been coming and having gear priority. We have all (or most) been to the end and know what is going on. With that all said and over there will still be some new people that come in, should be easy to get the acclimated to the new raids. Should be a cinch. Remember this is alt running, if your main is in here and you aren't a main to help run the guild then no complaints, the only mains in the guild will be officers or higher. some will need gear still as they are not in higher end raiding guild, please don't disrespect what they are doing for your alt and whine that they finally got something. You will just look like a loot whore. Nobody likes loot whores, I'm sure everyone can agree with that.

Here is the list of needs as it stands:
4 officers
10 raid leaders ( I know it sounds high but it will make sense)
the rest are just alts set to various ranking by gear.

I expect raid leaders to be fair in their choices, don't just take the highest gear. take the people best suited for the positions available, if you want easy mode pay JC if you want smart and experienced raiders don't leave them out.

When raid leaders make a raid on the calender by their schedule a follow up day should be added in the description so those that join know they can finish.

Officers will try to keep everything organized and help raid leaders with problems. We should have none. we all raid on mains we all know the drills, these are alts so if i hear any whining about loot auto kick. You don't need the thing you are on during off time to be excessively epic when somebody else still needs some gear to be decent in your raid.

Keep an eye on the forums if you think you are qualified for any positions talk to me in game or apply on the forums.
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Elune (PvE)
BE 80, Be an alt, and tell us your main so we can know you isn't trying to get a free ride.
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